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Professional Camera Repair

The complete repair resource for the Professional Photographer

Precision Camera's Professional Services Division strives to be the industry leader as the One Stop Shop to the professional photographer. We achieve this by offering camera and lens repair services on the full spectrum of products used by the working professional, employing the highest skilled technicians, utilizing state-of-the-art test equipment and continuously evolving with the industry.

Repair & Support Capabilities

  • Professional Level DSLR & Film SLR
  • High-End ED & L Series Lenses
  • On-Camera Electronic Flash Units
  • Quality Driven, Factory Trained Camera && Lense Repair Technicians
  • Fast Service, most camera & lens repairs completed in less than 3 days
  • State-of-the-art Camera & Lens Test Lab

Professional Camera Repair Services

Precision Cameras professional services division offers the repair, cleaning and calibration of professional level photographic products on many types of equipment. We service digital SLR cameras, film based SLR cameras, high-end ED & L series lenses and on-camera electronic flash units from manufacturers such as Canon, Fuji, & Nikon. Our professional camera and lens repair services are performed by the industries most experienced, factory trained, quality driven technicians. We understand that you need your equipment back in your hands as quickly as possible. Our professional services division can turn around most repairs in less than three days. Rush repairs completed within 24 - 48 hours are available upon request. We can also provide a "same-day" cleaning of your cameras image sensor.

Dedicated Level 2 & 3 Technical Support

Unique to the camera repair industry, Precision Camera offers proactive level 2 & 3 technical support for the professional photographer. We have dedicated level 2 customer service staff within our world-class call center to handle most of your inquiries. To take this level of service and support a step beyond your expectations, we have level 3 technical advisors working directly within the repair group. This empowers us to get you the detailed technical information desired. You need to talk with staff that understands your professional camera equipment and how it’s used, - and our technical advisors are here to achieve that goal.

State-of-the-art Camera & Lens Test Lab

At Precision Camera we strive to acquire the highest level of test equipment required to perform precise calibration and adjustment of your professional camera equipment. This equipment includes laser based camera shutter speed testers, exposure test systems and light meter calibration units. We also have multiple dedicated computer based camera and lens adjusting workstations and numerous optical collimators. We have a custom built lens test room in which we can perform key optical tests such as barrel distortion, pincushion distortion, chromatic aberration, coma, vignetting, flare, sharpness, field curvature, diffraction, modulation transfer function (MTF), subjective quality factor (SQF), center to corner sharpness, rectilinearity and more.