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Precision Camera has been keeping our customers happy since opening for business back in 1948. Our customers range from national retailers to individual consumers. We believe that they are the best spokespeople to share their thoughts about our company with you. Please enjoy the following samples.

At my daughter’s second birthday party I was very disappointed when I noticed my camera was not working. My wife informed me, she dropped the camera at my daughter’s day care. I was very pleased to learn Precision Camera could fix my Kodak DX6490. This is my favorite camera and when I tried to find a replacement I was not happy with the features offered on new cameras in my price range. So I sent it off for repair assuming it would be back in time to capture the day my daughter walked down the aisle as the flower girl at my niece’s wedding. I was checking the status every day and figured it would not be back in time when I saw you were waiting for parts the week before the wedding. Then on the Thursday before the wedding I noticed it was back in repair. The parts arrived. Knowing that we were flying from Philadelphia to Boca Raton, FL the next day, I thought it would be a shame to miss out on capturing the wonderful moments that we going to experience.

I called the customer service number and talked to Bridget Huss. I explained the situation that I would be traveling to Boca Raton Florida the next day for the wedding and if possible would like to have the camera shipped to my hotel in time for the event. She said she was going to check with the technician and see if she could rush the repair order to be finished by days end and shipped to my hotel. She kept me abreast of the progress via email. The camera was waiting for me when I arrived in Florida.

It was repaired to be as good as new if not better. I was able to memorialize the wonderful event and post my pictures on line the same day. I was even asked what kind of camera I had since it took such great pictures. Commendations should go to the tech who worked on this job. Not only did he or she make my camera as good as new but completed the job so I could have lasting memories of my daughter. Commendations should also go to Bridget Huss for going out of her way to make this happen. I nominate them both for Employee of the Year.

"I will recommend your service to anyone in need of camera repairs."


Michael Seeherman
Your newest word of mouth advertiser.

"I can hardly find the words to say how excited I am about your incredible customer service/repair response to my repair needs. Just when it seems as though everything in my life is 'breaking down', I finally got the relief I needed from a real, live conversation on the telephone with a person with a generous attitude of human compassion. I currently own a JVC camcorder of which has been in for repair at least five times in the last two years. I thought it would be wise to buy the 2-year service plan, however, I've missed these once in a life time events in our children's lives because of months of repair time and am terribly disappointed in their product. I have missed such events as my son's Army Ranger Indoctrination ceremony, my daughter's 2006 high school graduation and my other daughter's 2006 sectional track events. I finally inquired and observed at these events that the majority of parents owned and spoke very highly of their Sony cameras. I've been able to copy some footage from their Sony cameras and salvage some of these highlights that my family love to pull out at a family gathering to reminisce and share with those who could not be there. There is no price you can put on replaying a time frame of your life that will always take you back to a moment with a meaning of either winning, achieving success, accomplishments or best of all, just being silly. I am looking forward to the upcoming 2007 track season and using my new Sony camcorder. I don't want to miss a step! Thank you so much for your outstanding customer relations efforts and making my needs seem as important to you as they are to me. I'm very grateful." - Donna B.

"My appreciation goes out to you, once again, for your prompt and efficient support since my camera was received at your business.  I received it yesterday!  You are a most professional and well-run organization.  My compliments to you all. Thank you!" -Dawn A.

To the People of Precision Camera: I have had two digital cameras repaired one without warranty. Let me say that i have never dealt with a repair company that was more professional. All repairs done in an amazingly short time. The workmanship looks amazing cameras clean and most importantly repairs were perfect. My compliments to your company and its staff. The entire process could not have been easier. Sony could not have chosen a better company for its repairs. Thank you again" -john

"I was absolutely shocked that the repair turnaround was as fast as it was. And the repair was done correctly. It was one of the factors I considered when I went to purchase a digitial SLR. I bought the Sony A-100, along with a Sony 18-200mm lens and a Sony flash. Great job." - Steve E

"Thank you so much to repaired my digital camera, you guys are the best. Excellent repaired services." - Khim

"The best professional and courteous service I ever received. Thank you very much for your excellent service!" - Carlos Z.

"Excellent service on my camera" -Anonymous

"Service Department: I had sent in to you my daugheters Sony DSC-W50 for repair last week. I mailed it out and received it back from you in one week. I am very impressed and thankful. I just thought you would like to know." -Michael L

"You recently repaired a Sony Camera for me, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that I'm really proud that you were able to get right to it. Thank You! " --Russell M

"Received my camera. Well done, thank you for the fine service." --Mike B

"I received my camera today and it is prefect timing, as my granddaughter preforms tonight in a play ....so now Grandmother can take pictures.. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!" - Nickole H

"Thanks for the great service on my Sony video camera, you guys are great" -Matt H

"I just wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround repair of my daughter's Cyber-Shot camera.  I did a check of the repair and every shot I took was great.  Flash exposure was correct at 6 feet and 20 feet.  This was a warranty repair and service couldn't have been better both for initial contact to report the problem and repair service.  We sent the camera out on Thursday Feb. 15 and got it back on Wednesday Feb. 21!!!" - Keith M

"I want to say that your team has done an excellent job in repairing and returning my camera to me. I want to thank you for providing excellent service. The camera has been functioning very well with no issues at all."-- Erik H

"First of all I am definitely satisfied and happy with the repair and the professionalism of your department. Personally I have been a Sony fanatic for nearly 23 years now and I have nothing but great tings to say about Sony. With this particular repair, the original problem of the camera getting stuck in the "Access" process is definitely resloved." - Vijay M

"I just wanted to say that I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Precision Camera on my Sony Cybershot camera.  I sent my camera in and received it back in full working order in approximately one week!  I was surprised at the quick turnaround time and pleased.  Thank you so much for your superb service and I would certainly recommend the Precision Camera center to any and everyone I know.  Thanks again." Chelsey S R

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